Introduction: Stitched Leather Coaster

I was racking my brain as to what I could realistically make in one hour and then one day I was having a drink and needed a coaster so I grabbed a piece of scrap leather. You can guess the rest.


  • Leather (Horween)
  • Leather Marking Pen
  • Knife
  • Metal Straight Edge
  • Lighter
  • Edge Beveler
  • Leather Glue (Seiwa water based glue)
  • Wing Divider
  • Pricking Iron (3.85 mm)
  • Waxed Thread (0.6 tiger thread)
  • Stitching Needles
  • Sandpaper

Step 1: Cut Your Pieces

  • Figure out how big you want your coaster
  • Cut 2 pieces of leather with one slighter larger than the other.(I do this because I would prefer to trim off excess, rather than line up the edges perfectly )

Step 2: Glue and Trim

  • Apply glue to the smaller piece
  • Make sure to have good coverage along the edge of the piece, you don't want your coaster to spit or fray down the line
  • After glue has dried, trim off the excess

Step 3: Round Corners

  • I think round corners give the coaster a much more finished look so
  • Get something to help you draw a round corner, a quarter till do just fine
  • And cut on the line you drew
    • Rather than making one big curved cut I make small straight cuts taking off a little bit at a time, sort of like cutting your nails

Step 4: Sand Your Edges

  • Give your edges a quick sand to smooth out the edges

Step 5: Bevel Edges

  • Use an edge beveler to bevel your edges
  • I also used sand paper to bevel areas that were harder to bevel such as the rounded corners

Step 6: Mark Stitching Line

  • Using a wing divider mark your stitching line
  • I set my wing divider to 3mm

Step 7: Punch Your Stitching Holes

  • Following the stitching line you just marked, punch out your stitching holes
    • Making sure your prickling iron is perpendicular will ensure that the holes are aligned on the back side

Step 8: Stitch

  • Stitch your piece together
    • If you have a stitching pony, it will make this process alot quicker
  • When you made to the end, cut your thread and singe

Step 9: Done

  • You can do any sort of touch up you like but essentially you are done!

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