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Stockholm Sweden is one of the most expensive cities in the world. I live in Sweden and despite that I would like to come more often, I used to be worry about how much it would cost to stay or how hard it would be to find a place where I could sleep. But no problem! I'm gona share my experiences with you all and I hope that I can help you to save some money :-)

Step 1: My Dream Came True!!

For two years ago I was working as a volunteer at a festival in Skepsholmen, A very exclusive place in Stockholm. I walked nearby this boat and I told myself: Some day I'll stay there!!

It happen but it was a coincidence; I made the reservation the same day, I had no Idea where I was going to stay and she I finally arrived there was a problem with the system so they had no other choice but to place me in the boat.

Step 2: I Had a Great View

I payed 305 Swedish crowns for the bed, including the sheets an a towel. That's about 35,77 dollars. But after a few trips I had learn that "the cheaper the better" :-)

You can chill on the deck, no problem. It is a very good experience.

There you can see the beds. The last pictures shows a room there you can leave your luggage, most of the hostels offer you the opportunity to leave your stuffs while you are out discovering the city.

I use this page to do all my reservations:;l...

Step 3: The Cheaper the Better

Believe me. Backpackers use to stay at cheaper places, they are very social and make the whole experience much funnier.

This wonderful hostel is placed in Södermalm.

Today I made my first reservation with two weeks in advance. I'm going to stay at this hostel. I love the kitchen is so welcoming and you can site and talk with estrangers. Most of the hostels that I know now are in basements, but you would believe it when you see this pictures.

Price 265 Kronor (Swedish crown) 31,08 dollars.

I didn't took pictures of the bathroom but it was very clean and it looked good too. The hostel is very close to the subway. Next time I'm coming to Stockholms Pride and you are extremely tired after the walk, so I don't wanna walk after that. Two blocks from the station is perfect.

Here I have to bring my own sheets or pay for it.

There is free the, coffee and pasta. Just bring the bread/sandwich and then you have your breakfast. You can cook and buy your own food (it is much cheaper) Avoid the restaurants (in my opinion) they are very expensive and if you really wanna eat Swedish food you have to take the buss or the subway and look after "Dagens Lunch" sign. They use to sell affordable meals and it use to be buffet (All you can eat)

If you wanna buy bread go to Ica or Konsum, avoid the malls. I paid 45 Kronor for a cup of the and a "Bulle" (Buns) 5,8 dollars. And it hurts, I think that this is too much. Most of the supermarkets sells good food. You can buy chicken/pork/sallad with potato sallad and a drink for 45 Kronor!! So if you stay at Skanstulls hostel; go to the grocery store, mark your food, put it in the fridge and when you leave share the food with others in need.

Another thing that I really liked is the fact that you get a key and a locker to storage your personal belongings. In others places you may have the chance to storage in the room but you have to bring your own lock.

I stayed at a very good one too in old town named Urban Hostels

Price 295 Kronor 34,60 dollars. including sheets and towel. I really liked it, there was a lot of interesting people staying there. Is very close to the water but not so close to the subway. You are just between Gamla stan and Slussen.

There are more expensive rooms but I always choose the cheaper ones (beds)

The cheapest one that I discovered the last year is Interhostel.

Price 129 Kronor 15,30 Dollars. You always have to bring your own sheets when you stay at a cheaper hostel or be ready to pay at least 60 Kr extra.

Step 4: Old Town

The firsts pictures has some red color. I didn't see it when I took the pictures. I got it the night before at a disco during a performance with Drag Queens, you'll see the pictures soon :-)

You can do a lot of things for free while in Stockholm. That guy is a guide that gives "free tours". You don't have to pay a fee but you can give them something. There is a lot of people giving this kind of tours. I discovered it during my last trip.

Something extremely good that you can do is to have comfortable shoes. You can walk a lot and see beautiful things and you'll need a few days to discover the city, there is so much to do and there is always something happening.

Step 5: Back in Time!

I took this picture because the wagon was so old and it really felt like I was living in the 70's

Step 6: I Really, Really Love the Central Station

It is so big and old and you can store your luggage and charge your phone and devices if you need. Last time I came inside the SJ (Swedish railways) store and they let me to charge my phone. There is free Wi-Fi too.

The T is for Tunnelbana (subway) I took that picture during Christmas for two years ago.

Step 7: Party!!

Believe me or not, I traveled almost four hours just to have fun in Stockholm. There is something to do for everyone. You can see in that picture that i'm not wearing make up. I was very tired and I lost my toiletry bag with all my make up in :-(.

Step 8: Make Music Stockholm

I'm not a good planner and that can be good sometimes. During that weekend I just expected to attend to two parties, but I met somebody the first night that told me that it would be a festival the next day, so I decided to go.

Lucky me I had no planes. I use to travel alone, sometimes is fine. Sometimes I would like to have somebody with me but the thing is: it is not easy to find people who would do spontaneously things.

That day I saw a lot of musicians everywhere. The music schools are publics in Sweden, that's why is so common that people plays instruments.

Step 9: Just Dance

I walked a lot and passed by this group of dancers, they invited to join them and I did it. The next day I had so much pain that I couldn't walk. While I was at the station I saw a group of girls that participated in Color Me Run. I promised myself to buy better shoes so I could enjoy every second of my time in Stockholm.

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