Introduction: Stone/Rock Painting

I am super excited to share this unique project on Stone/Rock Painting. Tactfully, I chosen this monochromatic pair of just the black over white and white over black to reflect the convey a message. Still keeping in mind that the beauty and designing aspect is not lost. While the words carry a nice meaning, the stone/rock have been systematically placed making the reader more curious and eager to know what's the message.

I've built a perfect combination of two cutely designed 'Good Morning' & 'Good Night' rocks. This is a simple & easy project with minimal supplies. I will share the steps to build this project both for the 'Good Morning' rock and the 'Good Night' rock. These rocks could be used as paper-weights or for purely for decoration purposes only. Are you ready on my journey?


2 Rocks

Acrylic Paints (Black and White)

Paint brush



Step 1: Get the 'White' Rock Ready

I picked this rock for the 'Good morning' piece of the project. Look pic 1. As a first step, I cleaned the stone/rock with soap and water and let it dry in the air. This was painted with white acrylic paint using a small brush as seen in pic 2. After this step, I left the rock to dry completely. This typically takes a few hours. As this is a rock and has smooth surface, I preferred to have a second coat. This makes the finish smooth and uniform. Then, I planned to have some freehand design using a small tooth-pick or small stick as shown in images 3 - 11. You have to be careful during this step as the design would mostly likely spread out if you accidentally happen to touch. I tried to wait for few minutes before making sure the design is well absorbed and settled on the surface.

Stone/Rock painting is slightly more challenging as the surface is not uniform and limited. I was always excited to paint on a rock, but realized it's limitations soon.

As I continued to add designs on this small rock, I made sure to judge the placement has to be appropriate to fit the design well. Post the completion of the design, I then decided to let the rock sit in the air for the other side to be painted with another creative combination. After a few hours, this side of the 'Good morning' rock was ready to be flip over.

Step 2: Preparation for 'Good Morning' Side Ready

Strategically I had chosen this side for the 'Good Morning' note as it was flat and letters would fit in better. This would make this side more readable and appear outstanding on a rock as small as this. I did try to write 'Good Morning' using a pencil. Refer pic 1. Then with the help of the stick and acrylic paint, I free-handed the letters as and continued with a small leaf at the bottom. This looks really attractive and neat. The next step was to leave the stone/rock for drying completely. After a few hours the paint is dry. When both the sides are fully dry, 'Good Morning' stone/rock is ready for use.

Step 3: Get the 'Black' Rock Ready

This is the dark of the two rocks I had. This rock has a smooth surface and is more bulky. I decided to have a black color on this as I wanted this to represent this as 'Good Night'. This rock had a smaller and tomb like surface making it more interesting to paint on. I tried to make a design by pencil, but the actual work did not fit exactly as per this design. I managed to continue on a freehand design that could easily fit on this painting area. When completed I let the rock sit for complete dryness.

Step 4: Preparation for 'Good Night' Side Ready

This is the other side of the black rock. I chose this side as it has a more plain and even surface. As there are letters on this side, it becomes important to have well spacing. I used white acrylic paint to complete this with a small stick. Refer pics 1 & 2. Let this dry completely. The black rock was completed on both the sides and ready for use.

Congratulations and thank you for having stayed with me so far. Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy project with tiny stones/rocks.

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