Introduction: Storage Evolution

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Check out my video. It was a really cool project for me. I was instired by this T-Shirt (You also can find the t-shirt in the project as an image). So I thought why shouldn't I build this thing in real life with real objects. I hope you enjoy this Instractable and have fun to build it. Let me know in the comments what you think or if you have any questions? Thank you for reading.

Step 1: Watch the Video

A small Video

Step 2: Look Which Component You Want to Get!

I used the t-shirt as a refernece so I only used the components from the t-shirt, but you also can use a cd or a dvd. I think you can find every component pretty easy besides the floppy disk and the flex disk. For me it was easy to find this componets because my school wanted to throw them away ;)

flex disk

floppy disk

Step 3: 3D Print the Last Part

If you want to use the cloud symbol the use the stl file I provide. Or go to my thingiverse profile and downlaod the file there.



Step 4: Cut the Paper Template

You have to cut a paper template with holes of the size from your compontes. The complete size should be the size of the wood plate you use. Take tape and glue the template to the wood. This is for a perfect alignemt.

Step 5: Glue the Componts Onto the Wood

Now heat the hot glue and glue the components at their place onto the wood. You can also use a diferenet glue but hot glue worked perfect.

Step 6: Drill the Hock In

The last step we do. Gimlet a small hole with a small drill and after that you can drill the hocks in. We gimleted the holes before, that the wood won't break. Now take a string with the perfect length for you. Now you can put this pice of art on your wall.

Step 7: Conclusion

So far for me this projct was really funny and I learned some insterresting things about wood working. Maybe you also learned or will learn something. Thank you for reading my instruction.