Introduction: Storage Jar Helicopter Pod

This toy wooden helicopter has a solar powered rotor but it's not waterproof.

I wanted a quick, cheap and easy way to leave it outside in my garden, come wind, rain or shine.

The solution was to mount it ship-in-a-bottle style. I used a plastic storage jar, the kind they give away for nothing from sweet shops (candy stores) in England.

Step 1: Fix the Lid to a Fence Post.

 I used a screw, but a nail would probably do just as well.

Firm enough to hold, not so tight you can't turn it round when levelling the whole thing later.

Step 2: Level the Flight Path

Put the helcopter inside the jar.
Screw the jar onto the lid.
Rotate the whole assemly to coax the helicopter straight and level.
Sit back and watch the chopper working.

Step 3: Notes

 Make sure the jar is big enough for the rotor blades to spin freely.