Introduction: Storage Shelf/heavy Duty Rack Attachments

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If you like to use these heavy duty racks you get here some attachments that will use space you wouldnt know is there.

I made some attachments that use the holes in the bars and the bended frames.

Its made for shelfs with the quadratic holes and if you got round holes i dondt know if it will work as well (but if you tell me the diameter of the upper and lower holes i could add these variations here)

So what can you print:

Holder for screwdrivers.

Holder in two sizes for T-shaped tools like hammers.

Holder in two sizes for tools like a folding rule.

Holder for the holes or the frames for plant pots

A simple hook in two sizes.

On the pictures you see only the smaller version of the holders.

Attention: Scale the objects to 50% before printing! Use PLA+ for the plant pot holder!

If you got a wish for a special holder for the holes or the frames i would like to hear!




Step 1: The Hook

Simple hook for the bar holes.

On the picture is the small version.

Step 2: Screwdriver Frame Attachment

Comes with 6 big holes for screwdrivers.

Will only work if your storage rack got a bended frame as seen on the picture.

Step 3: Folding Rule Attachment

On the picture you see the small version.

Step 4: Hammer Holder

On the picture you see the small version.

You also could use it as a double hook or to store thin wires/cables.

Step 5: Plant Pot Holder

Two versions for the plant pot holder.

One version you can use to put in the bar holes. The other version is for the frame so check if you got a bended frame.

I highly recommend to use PLA+ for the plant pot holder. I didnt try it with normal PLA.

It might bend a little but its really durable. Its got a inner diameter of 11,5 centimeter. The pots you use should have a bigger diameter at the top so they fit properly.