Introduction: Storage Unit for Under Sink

This is a storage unit for under your sink. It is a way to create more storage without taking up any space. I made this because my bathroom is cluttered and I needed more storage but I didn't have any place to put it. So, I found a place where I could put it without using more space.

Step 1: Materials

4 sliders (If you want)

6 pieces of 12" by 8" of 1/2" wood

One Piece of 14" by 18" of 1/2" wood

Box of wood screws

White paint (if you want)

Plastic 13" by 12"

Reusable bag


Screw Driver




Step 2: Paint

Put a primer coat on all of the pieces of wood

Step 3: Drill

Second you want to take one piece of 12" by 8" and like up the 14" by 18" to create a diagonal then drill holes to make sure the wood screws go in smoothly. After drilling the holes you can screw the wood screws in. This will create the ramp for the flat iron and curlers.

Step 4: Drill

Next you want to line up another piece of 12" by 8" on the other side of the 14" by 18". Before putting the screws in you want to drill the holes out and then put the screws in to make sure they go in smoothly and do not split the wood.

Step 5: Add the Sides of the Box

Next step you need to line up one of the 12" by 8" pieces by the side of the 12" by 8" piece that is connected to the slant. This will create the first side of the box. You need to line it up then drill again and then finally screw 3 screws in. You will do that with three 12" by 8" pieces. One will go on the left side, one in the middle and the last one on the right. This will create the divider and the second side of the box.

Step 6: Add the Last Side of the Box

This is the final side of the box. You will need to take the last 12" by 8" piece and put it up to the side and drill 9 holes for all of the screws. Once the drills are made you need to drill each screw in. This will complete the box.

Step 7: Final Paint

Finally you want to paint the wood again for the final coat.

Step 8: Add Bottom of Box

Next you want to take the piece of plastic and nail it to the bottom of the box so it can hold things. Before you put in the nails you will need to drill holes in the plastic for the nails to go in. But make sure you do not drill into the wood because then the nail will not stay in. You will need 12 nails for this.

Step 9: Sliders and Pouches

Finally you want to add the four sliders so you're able to slide it out from under the sink and you need to add the pouches. To add the pouches you want to cut out appropriate pieces of a reusable bag to hold a flat iron. You will nail the sides of the bag to hold it on. Also you need to nail the bottom so the flat iron does not fall out. Once you have done this you're ready to use it!

Step 10: Feedback

I hope you are able to build this useful storage unit! If you end up making it please leave a comment below!