Introduction: Storing Cauliflower in the Freezer

We have a bunch of extra cauliflower in our garden this year. I set about trying to find a way to freeze our extras. Cauliflower is one of those vegetables that you need to blanch before freezing to preserve its freshness.


Vacuum Sealer and Bag



Pot with Lid


Cutting Board


And Cauliflower!!

Step 1: Wash

First, wash the cauliflower.

Step 2: Set a Pot to Boil

Fill with water and set it to boil. A lid may be helpful.

Step 3: Chop Cauliflower

I chopped mine into easy bite sized pieces for later use.

Step 4: Put Cauliflower Into Pot

Place the cauliflower into the now boiling pot. The introduction of the cauliflower to the pot will make it stop boiling. Allow the pot to resume boiling. Then start a timer for 4:00 minutes.

Step 5: Cool Water

Fill a separate bowl with cool water. Add ice cubes to chill it.

Step 6: Blanching

After the 4:00 minutes are up, remove the pot from heat.

Using a spoon, drain and remove the cauliflower pieces. Place the pieces into the bowl with ice. It is highly suggested to use a spoon with slits in it to drain the water.

The cauliflower should soak in the ice bath until it has cooled off.

Step 7: Drain

Drain and dry the cauliflower.

Step 8: Prepare Vacuum Bag

Cut a vacuum seal bag to size. Seal one end.

Step 9: Vacuum Seal

Place the cauliflower into the bag and vacuum seal.

TIP: It will still have water in it. You may have to stop the vacuum seal process. Water will prevent the bag from sealing properly with heat. I tend to vacuum seal mine and then re-seal the one end.

Step 10: Label and Freeze

Label the bag using a permanent marker. This comes in handy when you have a whole garden worth of storage in the freezer. Include a date.