Introduction: Story Mood Bookmark

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This instructable shows you how to make a simple and whimsical bookmark that can change as your story does. It has tabs that make a fun little scroll that sticks out of your book so you can easily find your place, and can be folded in different directions to reflect the mood of your story. Overall it's an awesome way to express your creativity without needing anything more then some printer paper and multi-colored pens or pencils. I made mine for my little sister in an afternoon but how long it will take you totally depends on how much effort you put into it and how skilled you are. As you can tell I'm not too good at art but I did my best and that's what counts... I hope


Anyway if you want to make this nifty little bookmark read on!


1. One sheet of printer paper


1. Colored pens or pencils

2. Sissors

3. A ruler

4. a pencil

Step 1: Make It!

The first thing you need to do is take your sheet of printer paper and cut out a 7 in by 2 in rectangle. Fold that in half lengthwise and crease it. I've found it helps to rub the fold on the edge of a table to make sure the paper creases. Now fold the paper lengthwise again but in the other direction so the paper can fold eather way. Next unfold the paper and cut along the crease about an inch. This will make the tabs and if you want to you can make the gap between the two tabs a little wider like I did. Now its time to get sketching. What you need to keep in mind while your sketching is one side of your book mark should be happy and sunny while the other should be evil and gloomy. This will allow you to change the mood of your book mark as your story progresses. Don't forget your bookmark will be folded when it's in your book so you need to draw two scenes, one on either side of the crease for both sides of your paper. What you drawn in these scenes can be whatever you want, just whatever comes to mind or scenes from the book you're reading right now. Either way I suggest you draw lightly in pencil first just in case what you draw doesn't look as good as you imagined. Once you sketched it out and are satisfied, color it in! Leave the tabs blank for now. Now that you've colored it in your book mark should look something like the last two pictures. Now, you may have noticed that on the intro I showed pictures of the tabs on the evil side colored green and the good side colored black. Well I messed up there, you need to make the tabs on the evil side a dark color and the tabs on the good side a light color. Once you've done that you're done! To change the look of your book mark simply fold it so the side you want is showing and curl the tabs so the tuck into the fold. This will create the scroll that's the color of the bookmarks mood. Great! You're done !I hope you enjoy your bookmark and read some fantastic books. If you have any questions you can ask them in the comments section below and comment if you make it!