Introduction: Strata-Stencil Experimental Animation

Bonnaroo is a Music Festival held in Tennessee every June with about 300k in attendance each year! They wanted something big for their Line-Up announcement so I designed a striking stop-mo concept for them making use of an experimental animation technique called Strata-Stencil.

Step 1:

Step 2: Strata Stencil Experimental Animation

Strata Stencil is an additive animation technique. Stencils (usually cut from paper) are layered on top of each other so that multiple stencils are visible. In this way you can see the previous and past frames. As well as creating a ghosting effect it also creates a sense of the animation falling away from the viewer.

Step 3:


To capitalize fully on the trippy effects we created we expanded into the world of Stereoscopy or old school 3D! If you have the old glasses you can watch the 3D version here!

Step 5: