Introduction: Strawberry Caramel (Dulce De Leche) Dessert Shots

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These delicious dessert shots are an ideal choice for any party! With only a few ingredients they take minutes to make & taste divine! Decorate them with a slice of strawberry or a mint leaf. Mint goes really well with this dessert & I would recommend using it! However, it is not necessary. Caramel on the other hand is and it is up to you how much you put.

Strawberries –150 g + for decoration

Caramel/Dulce de Leche - 150g

Crème Fraiche – 250ml

Mint leaves for decoration

You should get 10-12 shot glasses out of this recipe. However, it will depend on their size and also how much strawberries & caramel mix you will put in them!

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Step 2: Enjoy!

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