Introduction: Strawberry Pot

This is a nice pot to make for your porch top garden. It is built with a tube made down the center to help watering and feeding. It is my first attempt to do something of this caliber. I used red earthen clay and had it fired with a #5 cone.

Step 1: Starting the Pot

This pot was made using a coil technique. I started with a 1/2 inch thick base in a circle that had a radius of 6 inches.
From there I started using 1/4 inch coils.
You need to be able to score and slip each and every coil on top of the previous coil with a slight off center outward

As you can see in the photos I added the center red earthen clay center watering/ feeding tube. To make this I used a wooden dow to use coils to keep it straight and as soon as it became leather dry I cut out some porthole into it and scored and slipped it onto the bottom of the pot.
He as you can see I have started cutting out and installing the side planters. These I cut out a half circle and scored and slipped a 1/4 thick slab to the inside of the pot ensuring that it has enough slack unit to give it a bowlish exterior bulge.

Step 2: Finishing Up the Pot

So now with the coils I start on an inward lean to bring the top of the pot back in line with the bottom.
For the top there planing bowls I off set the top ones from the bottom ones. He I settled on keeping up the coil pot look on the outside by covering and integrating the coils slipped into the planter bowls so it appeared to be a seedless coil.
The inside of the pot is a different story on the inside I took extra time to make sure that the insides were smooth. And to finish it out I made sure that there was drainage hole on the bottom of the pot to insure that there is proper drainage for the type of plant you are making this for.
For the very top I wanted to convey that the pot was finished so I used many small pieces of coil to wrap around the to to give it a rope like finish.

Step 3: Firing the Pot

For this set I took it to the local college to see if I was able to get this pot into a kelm to fire it I listened to the college professor to fire it with a #5 cone and after two days I was able to pick up my pot and start planing in the next step.

Step 4: Adding Soil and Plants

Lastly I added the proper souls for the strawberries I was planting but if you are using a different plants you should use the soil that best fits you plants I added the soil up to the first set of external bowls and then planted my plants facing the roots to the inside of the pot I added a little soil to each of the external bowls after the plants are in place I filled the main pot up until it reached the next set of external bowls and repeated the steps from earlier. And lastly I filled the pot and have them a good watering.
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