Introduction: Strawberry Sugar High

About: My name is Carolina Hunrichse, i'm an art teacher, and also make paper mache

HI, i'm going to show you how to make a beautiful strawberry out of two different techniques. Paper maché and stripes of newspaper glued with paste, some people call it "cartapesta".

I also made two ladybugs.


- Newspaper

- scotch Tape

- Handmade paste (water and flour)

- Wraping paper (or maybe reuse a brown bag)

- Paper maché

- Glue

- A piece off cardboard, a pen, scissors and modeling tool

- Paint and paintbrushes

- Varnish

- One Styrofoam ball

Step 1: The First Part

You have to make an strawberry shape from newspaper and hold it with the scotch tape.

Then start to glue the stripes with the paste made with flour and water.

I recorded all the process because i wanted to show all in high speed. It took me like 40 minutes to make this first video.

Mark a circle in the cardboard cut it in a star shape. This will be for the "calyx" or strawberry hat.

Make the hat with newspaper rolled and cover everything with newspaper stripes, and paste.

Then add a second coat or third with more newspaper let it dry

Cover -everything- with the wrapping paper. This will make a difference between the coats of paper and will help with the final look. Let it dry

Later put some glue to join the two parts (hat and body)

While it is drying, cut the Styrofoam ball in half, grab some paper maché and cover it, make a round shape. Use the modeling tool for make a ladybug.

Then make a ton of seeds, with the paper maché.

Step 2: The Second Part

Glue the seeds at the strawberry and let everything dry overnight

When everything is dry..

Add a third coat of paper, (Is a long project i know, but i will be beautiful i'll promise) this paper is use for wrapping shoes in boxes.

Cover the whole strawberry, this will add some wrinkles, hardness and strength and will be ready for painting. The ladybugs are dry, and ready to paint too :)

Step 3: The Colorful Part

Ok so now, you will have to paint everything.

First i painted the strawberry and the ladybugs red, The green part of the hat, and made the details for the ladybugs.

For the eyes i painted a white dot with the back of the paintbrush, let it dry and paint little black dots.

For the seeds i put yellow paint, and paint two coats of yellow.

When everything was dry I varnished the whole thing.

It was delicious... nah

Step 4: Put a Magnet on the Back Side of the Ladybug

I used a silicone gun to stick a magnet on the ladybug's back

And put them on the fridge

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