Introduction: Strawberry/banana + Nutella Crêpe

I am going to make a strawberry/banana + Nutella crêpe. This is basically a French pancake that is very thin. It's not like a regular pancake where it is fluffy. This is so thin that you can fold it in half without breaking. #ferociousdoughnuts

Step 1: Step1: Gather Your Ingredients

The ingredients you"ll need are:
1 cup of flour
1teaspoon of vanilla extract
Pinch of salt
2 tablespoon of sugar
2 cups of milk
2 eggs
2 tablespoon of melted butter

Step 2: Step 2: Gather Extras and the Filling

For the filling you"ll need:
Whipped cream topping

Cooking spray for the pan

Step 3: Step 3: Combine Ingredients

Add your flour,sugar, and salt in the bowl. Than stir your dry ingredients with your whisk until combined. Than add your milk to the bowl and stir. Make sure there isn't any lumps inside the batter. Than add your 2 eggs one at a time. Pour in your vanilla. Then stir until combined. Finally add your butter slowly into your batter.

Tip: Make sure your butter is at room temperature after you melt it. It wasn't you would scramble the eggs inside the batter which you don't want

Step 4: Step 4: Heat Up/Spray

Heat your pan to medium-high heat. After spray your pan with cooking spray. This ensures that the crepe will not stick to the pan when it's done cooking.

Step 5: Step 5:Cooking

Get a ladle of batter and pour it into the heated pan. Quickly swirl your pan until the batter is evenly distributed throughout the bottom of the pan. If you missed some spots go back add more batter to cover the spots you missed. Cook one side for about 30 seconds or until the sides are golden brown on the edges. Than flip the crepe using the spatula. Cook the other side for about 30 more seconds.

Step 6: Step:6 Adding the Filling

To fill the crepe I put Nutella on half the crepe. Than add strawberries and banana on top of the Nutella. Than fold the sides coming to the center of the crepe. After add whipped cream in the center. Optional: Melt some Nutella to make it thinner and drizzle it on top of the crepe.