Introduction: Stress-Balls Made With Scrap Yarn

Today we will make stress-balls out of scrap yarn. These are super easy to make and the best thing is they only take a couple of minutes, I made about 7 in maybe 10 minutes.


Balloons, yarn, and scissors.

Step 1: Cutting the Yarn

If you have scrap yarn make a large pile, if you do not have any scrap yarn, you can cut some. To get the yarn cut how you need it, wrap it around three fingers till it gets about an inch thick (use pictures for reference) cut about four bundles.

Step 2: Stuffing the Balloon

You need two balloons, do not use the color you want first. Stuff all four bundles into the balloon color that you do not want on the outside, once you stuff all the bundles in the balloon, stretch the other balloon over the first one and you are done!

These are really easy, quick, and fun to make!

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