Introduction: String Art Modules for Stage Building

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Instructions to build a stage decoration.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

wood 20x20x1500 mm

nails 1,7 x 20-40 mm

hammer and saw

screws and/or metal plates/ L-plate


Step 2: Choose Shape and Cut

Measure 75cm and cut the wood with saw.

For triangle cut all tips in 60 degree angle, for square cut wood tips 45 degrees

Optional: choose a shape for inside the module I use half the size of triangle for triangular module.

Step 3: Nailing and Assembly

Measure a line in the middle of one piece (so nails go straight all the way). Start drawing nail points to wood. Start from the middle. From middle to ends straight line every 2 cm. Midpoints will be the place you need to hammer the nails.

Assembly the module:

For squares I use L-shape metal plates and small screws.

For triangles I use a screw and PVA glue.

There are two ways to colour:

1. before assembly

2. after assembly

Step 4: Painting

I use matt black spray paint for wood. You can choose a different paint fow wood also.

I paint all pieces before assembly.

Step 5: Stringing

Start by making a knot to one of the nails. Then choose a pattern and start experimenting with different shapes.

To make stringart you can use sewing thread, wool, yarn, thinner rope etc.

Step 6: Making Stages

Make more then few triangles and/of squares so you can put them together like LEGO-s.

Enjoy your new art :)

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