Introduction: String Heart

This String Heart will make a great decoration for anywhere. It's pretty easy and totally worth the effort and it was very enjoyable. You can even customize the colors or what you write inside the heart. Have Fun!


- 1 square piece of paper(the one I used was 12"x12")

- 1 piece of 8"x11" construction paper

- 11 different colors of string(you can choose less or more colors, but you might need to change the lengths)

- Paper Brads(I used 136, but depending on the shape or distance between the brads you might use a different amount.)

- Washi tape

- Scotch tape

- Black Paint

- A paintbrush

- A pencil

-A Fine point Sharpie

- A ruler

Step 1: the Corners

In this step, you are going to put four brads into your 12"x12" piece of paper. Poke one into each corner. This is your base and how you will line up the other paper brads later.

Step 2: Paper Heart Outline

Take your construction paper and fold it in half, then cut half a heart out of the paper. Unfold it and you will have a perfectly symmetrical heart.

Step 3: Trace

Next, you are just going to trace your heart in the center of your paper. Then make marks with your pencil on the bottom and top points. Make sure the points are where you want them and make them sharpie.

Step 4: Make More Dots

Take your sharpie and make a dot on the line you drew every quarter inch. Once you are done with this erase the pencil lines.

Step 5: Paper Brads

Now poke Paper Brads through all the marks you made with the sharpie. This might take a while because you have to poke the brads through the paper which might hurt slightly. I accidentally poked my fingers many times.

Step 6: The Outside

In this step, you are going to pull out the paper brads you put in the corner and draw a line with your pencil from one hole to another. Do this on all four edges. Use the ruler to get straight edges

Step 7: the Outside

Now you are going to make dots with your sharpie every half inch and then erase the pencil when you are done.

Step 8: Paper Brads (again)

This time you are going to do the same thing you did in step 5.

Step 9: Washi Tape and String

I realized that when I was putting my brads in the paper I had too many on the outside so as you can see I improvised with washi tape it added a nice little touch. When you are doing this you have to make sure you have the exact same number of brads on the inside and outside. To attach the different colors I used tiny little pieces of tape. Depending on the type of string you are using you could also melt the two ends together.

Step 10: Paint

For this one, you can paint anything you'd like in the center of your heart I did a cursive love, but you can do anything. I just suggest drawing in pencil first so that you can trace it and make sure everything is lined up right.

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