Introduction: Stuffed Sticky Rice Balls Festival – Enjoy With It

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The stuffed sticky rice balls festival is often celebrated on the 3rd of March according to lunar calendar. It marks the day to celebrate Cold Food Festival, which is also called Hanshi Festival. It is originated from China and spreads to Korean and Vietnam. During this time of the year, the sky turns clearer and the field is overwhelmed with buds. Farmers start to sow seeds and provide water to their paddy fields.

In Vietnam, this Cold Food Festival is call Tet Han Thuc (Tết Hàn Thực). It is celebrated by Vietnamese people especially north people. They often cook glutinous rice ball which is called banh troi (bánh trôi) on that day however, the legend behind this festival has been massively forgotten and the fire taboo is ignored as well.

The outer layer – white skin is made from glutinous rice mixed with some water, which enable it to possess chewy texture. Originally, the rice balls are stuffed with sweet treats such as sesame seeds, red bean and peanut paste as well. However, now they often stuff them with one cube of brown sugar for each. They often served cold with some slices of fresh coconut and sprinkled sesame seeds.

In this article, we will show you several simple steps to make your great stuffed sticky rice balls to celebrate with your family in Cold Food Festival.

So here are the ingredient that you might need to make a delicious dish of stuffed sticky rice balls.

- 1kg cake flour which can be found in grocery store or to attain the proper flavor you might go to Vietnamese grocery store. (Instead of using this, you might want to purchase the flour that has been ready to make so that you might reduce some steps)

- 1 pack of brown sugar in cubes

- Sesame seeds

How to do:

Step 1: Making Flour

  • Sift the flour to get the smoothest flour and get rid of the grits in the flour and mix it with water to create a mixture.
  • Let it sit for about 3 – 4 hours until it split into 2 parts: the water is above while the flour deposits
  • Put the flour inside a thick and clean towel and tighten it. Hang it up for 1 hour so that the water may fall out

Step 2: Make Balls With Brown Sugar

Dough and divide the flour into small nice balls. Put each cube of brown sugar into one ball and enclose the dough so that the cube of brown sugar will be entirely covered by the flour.

Note: Try to roll the ball well enough so that the air might not leak into the ball. However, do not roll too carefully, otherwise the balls might be broken while boiling.

Step 3: Boiling and Enjoy It

  • Boil a hot pot of water and put all the balls into the pot until the water is boiling again. Take all the balls out using a sieve so that they can be dry soon after that and serve. (Image)
  • Let all the stuffed sticky rice balls cool down to temperature room.
  • Put seasame seeds over the balls then enjoy it.

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