Introduction: Stump Block Sundial

Hello my name is Matthew Moreno my goal for this project is to make a Stump Block Sundial.

Step 1: The Tools and Materials Needed for This Project

The tools materials and methods that I used were:

  • wire strippers
  • pliers
  • printer
  • tree
  • chainsaw
  • tree branch
  • drill
  • hammer
  • hot glue
  • copper wire
  • ruler
  • pencil

Step 2: How to Build the Specific Sundial That I Made

On how to build the specific you will need to go out to the woods or your backyard and cut a piece off log with a chainsaw or anything else that you can cut a tree with. Then get a thick branch cut it with pliers make sure it is not to long or short. Drill a hole in the middle of the sundial that is the width of the stick it in and then pound it in with a hammer not to hard or you will break the branch.

After doing all of that you will need to go to this app and print it the right size put it on your sundial, then you drill the screws were the Roman Numerals are. You take wire and cut it then shape it the size of that roman numeral. Then hot glue it to the sundial right above the sundial, then take a ruler and make a straight line with pencil.

Step 3: How to Use the Specific Sundial That I Built

On how to use the specific sundial that I built you will need to place the sundial on a flat horizontal surface. the number twelve numeral to point north, if it points east, west, or south, it will not work.

you can not put the sundial in a shadow from something if you do then you can't see the shadow from the gnomon (branch sticking up)

Step 4: How My Sundial Connects With the Earth

My sundial connects with the earth by the earth moving around its axis so that makes the sun move across the sky casting shadows on earth. So when the sun casts a shadow on the sundial that would be the time.

The shadow moves on the sundial because the sun is moving and every time it moves it casts a shadow from a different angle.

Step 5: The Design Process

My design process was to build a sundial without going to a store grab a round piece of wood. It was to use the materials that you have. I wanted a sundial that I can keep out in my yard one not made out of paper so when wind blows it doesn't blow away.

First I went out to the woods to cut a piece of of a tree. Second I got a thick tree branch and drilled a hole in the tree the size of the branch. Third I put roman numerals on the sundial. Fourth I put lines on the sundial and then I tested it out and it worked.

Step 6:

Step 7:

Step 8: Additional Information

If there hasn't been any sun out for a couple of days try getting a flashlight turning of the lights and shining it on your sundial.

Step 9: Conclusion

After testing my sundial I looked at the time on a clock and went outside and my sundial told the right time as the clock I looked at.

I thought this was a fun project and from this project I learned how to make a sundial and all the cool facts that you need to learn about or to make a sundial

If I were to make this again I would make the lines on the sundial much more accurate because on some of the lines were diagonal instead of straight.

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