Introduction: Sparkly Silver Decorated Cake

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Although this looks pretty impressive, decorating a cake in this way is a lot more simple than you might imagine!

It does take a steady hand and a fair bit of time to get it right, but if I can do this, ANYONE can!

Step 1: What You Need

A fairly large, round, frosted cake (the frosting needs to be thick enough to hold the decorations but not so thick that they sink too deep into it).

Cake decorations. You will need silver balls along with something smaller, so that the contrast between segments is obvious.

A cloth or paper (your fingers might get a little frosting on them when attaching the decorations).

Step 2: Dividing the Cake

First you will need to work out where you are going to divide the cake. You can measure exactly, but I went by what looked right visually.

Take a ruler which is longer than the cake, and edge side down, gently press a vertical line straight through the middle of the cake. You do not need to press hard - you are only making a shallow indentation where you will place your silver balls.

Again with the ruler edge side down, make another line, this time horizontally across the middle of the cake. You now have four quarters.

Lastly, repeat with two diagonal lines which cross through the cake to leave you with eight segments.

Step 3: Start With the Silver Balls

Take your silver balls and very gently start to press them into the indentations you have made.

Push down a little so they stick, but don't be too heavy handed - you don't want them to disappear into the frosting. Make sure they are touching each other without any gap.

Continue down the sides of the cake, too (as seen in the photo)

Step 4: Fill In

Sprinkle or place the decorations you've chosen in between the silver balls. Use different decorations with contrasting colours for each segment.

Add the decoration to the sides, too. You may need to "throw" the decorations as it is a little trickier to attach them here.

Step 5: Step Back and Admire Your Hard Work!

Take a deep breath; you're done!

Place in the fridge for a while just to make sure the decorations are stuck solid.

Slice the cake along the silver balls (as seen in the photo).


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