Introduction: Stylish HDTV Antenna

I finally got sick of the cable company and ditched them after learning that I was going to have to pay even more money to see programming in HD.  I soon decided that over the air TV reception was for me.  After going to my local "shack" and looking at the price of antennas, I decided that I could make one for about $15 or less.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You will need:

Copper wire, I used 14 gauge home electrical wire, stripped of insulation
Enameled 22 gauge wire,  purchased from a pack of three types at Radio Shack
Picture frame or framing material
75 to 300 ohm matching transformer with spade clips on one end and female F connector on other
Drill and drill bits

Step 2: Template for Antenna

The antenna template is necessary for the proper DTV reception. 

Step 3: Bending the Wire

Bend the eight of the  "V" shaped segments around a nail hammered into a board and space nails according to the drawing to make two of the long, main segments.

Step 4: Wire Up the Antenna

Using the enameled wire, wrap the "V" shaped antenna segments to the bent main wires. 

Step 5: Frame

Cut the frame using your miter box or saw, or you could your a pre-made frame that would just need to be drilled for the antenna to be attached

Step 6: Attach the Antenna to the Frame

Drill 1/8" holes on either side of the antenna wire thorough the frame.  Attach the antenna using the enameled wire

Step 7: Making the Connection to the TV

After stripping the enameled wire, wrap a few turns around the center of the main vertical wires and attach the other end to the matching transformer.  I cut the ends of the transformer and soldered the other end of the enameled wire, which was also stripped.  You can sand or burn off the enamel for the connection.  Hook up to your TV and enjoy free over the air HDTV!