Introduction: Vibrobot

Had some extra PVC and a small motor so I decided to make a fun little toy for my kids to watch mess around with.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

3 inch section 3/4"  PVC piping
One 3/4"  PVC endcap
One 1"  PVC endcap
One 3/4" PVC "T" with threaded center, smooth ends
Flat toggle STSP switch
AA battery and holder
Small DC motor
Wire Coat Hanger
Zip Ties
Tilt switch (optional)
Heat shrink tubing (optional)

Step 2: PVC Stand

Drill a hole through the PVC tubing and thread the piece of coat hanger through it.  Bend the wire down flush to the PVC.  Drill another hole slightly below the first and bend them down as well.  Cut the wires approximately 2" below the PVC and add the heat shrink tubing. The tubing is optional, but will give the Vibrobot a little better traction as well as covering the sharp ends of the wire.

Attach a zip-tie about 1" below where the wire enters into the PVC and secure.  Just below the zip-tie, bend the wire at an angle to give the PVC a nice standing position. 

Step 3: Motorize It, Vibrobotize It

I used a ceiling fan pull chain weight  for the counterweight.  I drilled a hole in it which was just about the size of the motor shaft and attached it by press fitting it and epoxy. 

I threaded the wiring through the PVC "T" and soldered it up.  The threaded portion of the "T" is very useful as it allows the motor to just screw in. 

I added a tilt switch because my kids were always playing with the Vibrobot and then just leaving it on the floor on its side still running. 

Step 4: End Cap Switch

In the end cap, a hole was drilled which allowed the toggle switch to be screwed in without threading first.