Introduction: Stylish Sink Caddy Made From Stone Leftovers

It's easy to make a stylish sink caddy made from stone leftovers using samples that are given out by countertop manufacturers. The ones you make with leftovers can be much higher quality than the ones you find in stores.

Let's start!


Silicone caulk

plastic feet or 3d print some

stone pieces in the size you want

newspaper to keep things clean

Step 1: Get Your Stone!

I used quartz samples that I had as leftovers from a renovation. If you need some, ask an interior designer, a home contractor, a countertop manufacturer, or someone who has done a renovation or new home build. They all probably have some of these to throw out. Also most countertop manufacturers give out samples and they throw out a surprising number of them so they'll probably be happy to give you some. If you want bigger pieces you can also ask them to cut you some out of scraps. The scraps from cutting out holes for sinks and stoves are usually thrown out as they are too small for other uses but perfect for this.

Step 2: Find a Square Corner and Glue the Pieces Together

Find a square corner then lay down some newspaper on the floor and the wall (not shown). Don't use cardboard. I did that the first time but the stone pieces were so heavy that the cardboard got squashed which made everything uneven by the time the glue cured.

Place a bead of silicone caulk on the edge of one of the pieces and glue them together. The weight of the pieces will probably keep them together. Wait the amount of time specified on the caulking tube (or longer since it's heavy) to continue.

If the pieces end up uneven, don't worry once everything is cured you can likely still use a utility knife to cut through the silicone. Scrape it all off then try again.

Note the pieces shown here don't match the initial images as the sink caddy was made a year ago.

Step 3: Add Feet

The stone itself will likely scratch your surfaces so add some adhesive plastic feet to the bottom. Alternatively I 3d printed some simple plastic blocks and glued them in place using silicone caulk. I recommend using plastic feet in case the caddy gets wet but use whatever works for where you plan on using it. Once this is dry you're done!

Step 4: Accessorize and Make Other Things!

To finish this off I added some small containers that I bought from Muji to fit the modern aesthetic.

Depending what other shapes of stone pieces you find, you can make other things as well. I made a little tray to use in the bathroom as well as stone coasters.

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