Introduction: Succulent Planter With Secret Compartment

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Ever need a place to hide important or valuable items? I designed a succulent planter with a hidden compartment to hold small trinkets, money, a key, or even candy!!! It's a two-piece set, and can be used anywhere in your house. It can hold real or fake plants with enough room for the plant to expand its roots!


If you'd like to make a succulent planter with a secret compartment, you can use the following tools I used:

- A laptop to use Tinkercad (which I used to create the product )

- A 3D printer (I used Creality Ender 3 Pro which I purchased from Amazon )

- Plastic filaments (any colour you fancy)

- Soil

- Succulent

Step 1: Designing the Planter

Because Tinkercad has already some basic shapes, including cubes (or as they call it, boxes), I add one cube and adjust the sizes to however large I'd like my planter (I did 100 x 104 x 80). Then I add a box hole, which is just a cube but when you group the box and the box hole, it turns into the photo above. I made my planter shaped like a cube, but you can also make a cylinder. You can also change the colour of the box.

Step 2: Adding the Secret Compartment

I made my secret compartment a cylinder with a dome on top, to prevent the 3D printer from letting the plastic droop as it strings it over the compartment for the roof. You can find the cylinder beside the box in Tinkercad. First, you need to make a cylinder hole, so that you're able to insert items into the secret compartment. Adjust the size of the hole to be however large you'd like, and center it in the bottom of the vase. After that, I made another cylinder with the same dimensions, and made it as tall as I needed it to be to store secret articles of any size. I hollowed out the inside by adding a cylinder hole with slightly smaller dimensions, so that there's no space for soil to flow. Then I take a box hole and a sphere, and group it to cut it in half. I hollow that out and then place it directly on top of the cylinder and group that. Afterwards, I shift the cylinder-semi-sphere onto the hole to create the secret compartment.

Step 3: Designing the Lid

In order for the valuables not to spill out, I added a lid. I gave it the same length and width as the vase, and then shrunk the height so it isn't too tall and weird. Then I measure the same diameter and radius of the cylinder to make a much shorter cylinder with the hole for the part that fits inside the lid. After that I group the two shapes to make the lid shown above.

Step 4: 3D Printing the Product

In order to make the planter, it needs to be printed using a 3D printer or sending it to a nearby 3D printing place.

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