Introduction: Unicorn Slush

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Need a sweet summer drink to cool you down and cheer you up? Here's a perfect option for any sweet, fantasy lovers. I made a cute little rainbow slush with unicorn straws for my cousin, who loves unicorns.

Scroll down for the recipe!


- Straws

- Paper

- Colouring tools (pencils or markers)

- Tape

- Scissors

- Raspberry lemonade, lemonade, limeade

- Ice

- Blender

- Glass

Step 1: Straws and Unicorns

The first step is to make your unicorn straw. You'll need a straw, some paper, scissors, tape, and colouring tools. Set your straw for later, and cut out a unicorn face and colour in the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, horn, and any accessories for the unicorn. Once you finish your unicorn, cut out a small strip of paper, same like the straw, and tape it like a ring. Then slip the ring on your straw and tape the unicorn face on.

Step 2: Slushies of the Rainbow

Then you need to make all of your slushies. First the green one, which will be the base. Mix half a cup of limeade with a cup of ice and blend until you have a slushy consistency. Then do the same thing, except with lemonade, then raspberry lemonade. After you do each one, leave it in the fridge so it doesn't melt as you prepare the next slush flavour.

Step 3: Assembling the Unicorn

The bottom slush flavour is limeade. Pour a moderate amount of lime slushie into your cup, and then pour the same amount of slush on top except lemonade. Then yellow lemonade, then pink raspberry lemonade. Once you have all of your slushie flavours in the cup, you add your unicorn straw on top and enjoy!

The slush mixes should at least provide four servings!

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