Introduction: Sugar Hourglass

I am doing this Instructable to save water bottles and have a little fun. I am always looking at my
wrist watch, that is why my creation is a water bottle hour glass. I guess this project is kind of a part
of me, seeing how I always want to know what time it is. The hour glass will be useful to me too.

Step 1: Gathering Supplies

Before you can begin to build anything you need materials. For this project you need at least two water bottles, a straw, any color play-doh you want, scissors, sugar, sturdy tape, and any decorations you would want to use. It helps if you have two bottles of the same size.

Step 2: Fill With Sugar

Take one of your bottles and fill it a little more than three-fourths of the way with sugar, salt, sand,
or whatever you think will flow through.

Step 3: Put the Straw in the Play-doh.

Take your play-doh and straw and wrap the play-doh around the straw. Then cut off excess straw so the straw is barely sticking out of the play-doh.

Step 4: Put Bottles Together

Insert the play-doh with the straw into the top of the bottle. Then place the other bottle on the play-doh so the bottles are touching. Then take your sturdy tape and wrap it around where the bottles join. Now you have your hourglass.

Step 5: Decoration

Decorate your newly created bottle how you please. Then tip it over and watch it flow. My hourglass went for about four minutes before the sugar flow ended. Have fun and enjoy.

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