Introduction: Sugar Model Rocket Car for Penny

Hello to everyone, this is my first instructable and in this project I am going to use purely primary tools . Model rocket are really awesome and making a model rocket car is more awesome.l believe in KIS i.e keep it simple ,let's begin.


Your going to need stuffs that everyone had in his/her garage that are_
: 4 mm plywood rectangular piece
: wooden rectangular block
: M seal
:Pvc pipe (20mm diameter)
:Wheels and axel
Hack saw

Step 1: Required Dimensions

Just cut out the peices of wood of dimensions given in will easily get them from the scraps of a carpenter's shop . dimensions are in centimetres.

Step 2: Shaping Aerodynamic Shape

Draw a aerodynamic shape with free hand and cut it out.mark the area for pvc pipe and cut it out.cut out a triangle to make aerodynamic shape.

Step 3: Joining

I have use m seal to stick all the parts as seen in can use any adhesive with whom you are comfortable.

Step 4: Wheels

Make two holes in straight line with a screw driver by rotating it clock wise and anti clock wise.i have taken wheels from my old toy car ,you can also buy or make yourself

Step 5: Finishing

Sand the edges to make them smooth and here I have used my burning trick to give it a rough can spray paint also

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