Sugar Model Rocket Car for Penny

Introduction: Sugar Model Rocket Car for Penny

Hello to everyone, this is my first instructable and in this project I am going to use purely primary tools . Model rocket are really awesome and making a model rocket car is more awesome.l believe in KIS i.e keep it simple ,let's begin.


Your going to need stuffs that everyone had in his/her garage that are_
: 4 mm plywood rectangular piece
: wooden rectangular block
: M seal
:Pvc pipe (20mm diameter)
:Wheels and axel
Hack saw

Step 1: Required Dimensions

Just cut out the peices of wood of dimensions given in will easily get them from the scraps of a carpenter's shop . dimensions are in centimetres.

Step 2: Shaping Aerodynamic Shape

Draw a aerodynamic shape with free hand and cut it out.mark the area for pvc pipe and cut it out.cut out a triangle to make aerodynamic shape.

Step 3: Joining

I have use m seal to stick all the parts as seen in can use any adhesive with whom you are comfortable.

Step 4: Wheels

Make two holes in straight line with a screw driver by rotating it clock wise and anti clock wise.i have taken wheels from my old toy car ,you can also buy or make yourself

Step 5: Finishing

Sand the edges to make them smooth and here I have used my burning trick to give it a rough can spray paint also

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    Question 2 years ago on Step 5

    How do you make the propellant for this rocket car? What is the best and safest way to ignite it? Would you please also share information on overall general safety tips and advice to keep in mind when using it?

    If you’d rather not provide this information yourself for liability reasons or otherwise, I’d appreciate it if you’d suggest or provide internet search terms and/or specific web sites with answers to these questions.