Introduction: Sugru Mason Jar Grips

I had bought a dozen 1 quart mason jars, it was cheaper than buying just one, so I decided to use some as drinking glasses. But quickly I found out that my idea had flaws - 1 qt size jars are large and can be difficult to grip. Plus when filled with cold fluids, condensation can form which makes it even harder to grip (slippery).

So I used some sugru to make some custom thumb & finger grips to the jars.

(these pictures are a finished set in white - right handed version)

Step 1: Items Needed

Items needed (per jar):

  1. 1 qt mason jar
  2. (2) 5g packets of sugru (1 quart size, smaller jars need less sugru)
  3. scissors

Make sure the jars are clean. The lid doesn't have to be on, I'm just lazy.

Step 2: Left Hand or Right Hand - You Choose

First you need to decide what side of the jar you want the grips - left hand or right hand. You can use the other hand once they are made, but the grips won't be as comfortable and helpful. I've done this to 4 jars, so I made 2 for each hand.

Step 3: The Sugru Calls...

Open your sugru packets and kneed the stuff, forming 1 ball and 1 short stubby snake. (1 package each)

For smaller jars, you might get away with 1 packet, split. 1 quart jars need ATLEAST 10g, 15g makes even bigger grips. If you want to do several jars, buy the 100g packet and color it (if you wish) and go to town!

Step 4: It's THUMB Time!

First, grip your jar and see where your thumb falls. Then lift said thumb and put the BALL of sugru under and smoosh it down. Flatten the blob down, pressing it against the jar and then pushing some up and around your thumb to create a ridge. This will form the thumb grip.

Step 5: All the Little Fingers...

Now, with your thumb still attached, see where your fingers fall. Remove said thumb, take the STUBBY SNAKE of sugru and mash it the area where the fingers will fall. Flatten it down, but not completely. Now grip the jar and wrap said fingers back around into the sugru and press. Smoosh some of the sugru up around fingers and against the jar. This is the finger grip.

Step 6: Finish It!

Once you pry your fingers & thumb off, you are basically done. You can leave the "fingerprints" in the sugru or gently remove them. If you want to remove them, use some soapy water and a finger but do it GENTLY or you'll mess up the imprints.

If you have "smuggy" finger prints on the glass from the sugru, just buff the glass with a paper towel and they will come off (do it once it dries, that way you won't mess up the imprints).

So far it survived the dishwasher, so I think they are attached well.

Now the jars safer to use - bring on the adult beverages!