Introduction: Sugru Modified Jewelry Stand

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My wife had been complaining about not having a proper place to put her jewelry.  Our place is a wee bit on the small side and her desk gets cluttered easily.  So I was in a clean-up mood and took an keyboard cardboard case and quickly made a cheapie stand up thing for her to put her things on.  I wasn't terribly happy with it because it was just cardboard and not really durable enough to last a year I think, so when Sugru partnered up with Instrucatables, I knew how to replace the temp-stand I had made!

Step 1: The Hanging 'wires'

I found a desk paper-holder at a local 'dollar' store here and thought 'hey, this saves me a ton of manual work to make up a stand!  I just have to modify it...with Sugru!"...and other stuff of course.

First thing was that I needed a way to make a 'string' to hang things on that would not fit on small hooks easily.  I had some 'elasticized' string that served the purpose excellently.  I squeezed it through the holes and tied it off. 

Step 2: Finishing the Ends

I wasn't happy as I knew that those knots would not stay for ever.  I didn't want to just put glue on the end...well, good thing I had something equally useful for that!  Now the ends are neatly secured and I'm not worried that it'll unravel and fling hapless jewelry pieces all over the room.

Step 3: Hooks

Next are the hooks!

A simple hand form and 'squish through the grate' method worked here.  I tried to apply some sort of smoothing technique and got some of it somewhat fingerprint free but I was learning as I go in how to properly get Sugru to do as I bid while making it look good.  This whole Sugru Event has been a great learning exercise!  (And yes, I covered the ends after this step technically)

Step 4: Tadaa!

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