Sugru Monitor Headphones Hook

Introduction: Sugru Monitor Headphones Hook

I am always switching between headphones and speakers on my desktop. This is nice and easy due to my audio hub, no plugging and unplugging required, but when the headphones aren't in use they are always in the way causing clutter. Sugru to the rescue! This is a simple Instructable showing my solution to this aggravation, a sugru hook on the side of my monitor.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

  • Sugru - One pouch will do the trick unless you want to mix for a new color or you have bulky/heavy headphones.
  • Soapy Water - This makes the sugru easy to smooth by keeping it from bonding to your fingers/tools.
  • Paper Clip - (Optional) - This may be helpful if you have heavy or bulky headphones. Use it as a backbone for the hook.
  • Your Hands/Hand/Prosthesis
  • Paper Towel - Helpful for clean-up.
  • Scissors
  • Straight Edge - Like a ruler, for shaping the sugru.

Step 2: Prep & Initial Positioning

Grab your bowl or cup with the warm soapy water, not a lot of soap. You can always add more if the sugru is sticking.
Wash your hands and cut open the sugru packet.
Prep the sugru. (For first timers: Simply knead it between your fingers for a minute or two until it is supple and smooth, and well mixed if creating your own color.)
Give the sugru its initial shape, sort of conical, and stick it thick end first onto the edge of your monitor.

Step 3: Shaping

Time to channel your inner child and it's mad Play-Doh skills.
Use the straight edge to square off the base.
Bend the hook up and around. Put a little of the water on the headphones where they will rest and fit the inside of the hook to that spot. One thing to consider when shaping the hook is gravity. It takes awhile for the sugru to set up so I put a little over-bend in the hook and propped something against the tip to keep the hook from sagging (remember to wet anything touching the sugru that you don't want as part of the sugru.)
Wet the tips of your fingers to smooth the surface and remove the unsightly fingerprints that show up.
Once you're happy with the position and shape leave it alone for close to 24 hours, then breath easier as you enjoy your clutter free desk.

Step 4: Bonus!

I stole a tiny piece from the hook and repaired the splitting cord on my headphones.
Happy Hacking!

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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    That's funny, what are the chances that we post on the same day?

    I have to thank you guys for your product, it helped me save my wife's expensive laptop from becoming scrap.