Introduction: Sugru Repair of Canvas Bag and Power Wire

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This was the first project I decided to use Sugru on.  Having never used this stuff before, I made some mistakes and learned about how to use Surgru.  For the most part, this turned out 'ok' I think. 

Step 1: Mold the Sugru to the Frayed Corners

I was a little disappointed that the Sugru didn't stick as well as I hoped to the canvas.  Maybe I shouldn't be surprised but at least it went on and adhered.  This turned out to be quite messy and I hadn't learned how to smooth out the surface when it was done.  So this is the ugliest fix job ever.  Lesson learned....use some tape or something to protect the rest of the bag you don't want any of this stuff on.

Step 2: Bonus Repair Step

Having some black Sugru left over, I also used it to repair a slightly mangled Netbook power cable.

Step 3: Sugru and Hands

This stuff does get messy but luckily is also easily washes off.  Just a heads up to those never using Sugru before.

Thank you Instructables and Sugru for this opportunity!
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