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Every summer I say " this is going to be the best summer ever" but every summer usually ends up with me just watching TV or swimming! Well if this is you too here is how to have a awesome pool party or normal party with a couple of your friends! Don't forget your sunscreen!

Step 1: Floating Pool Cooler for Under 2$

Ok who else is lazy like me? Well I hate getting out of the pool all of the time to get drinks so this 2$ diy is sure to help you!
All you do is get a pool noodle from your local dollar store and a plastic box! Then just cut your pool noodle in 4 pieces the length of each side of the box!
Then take a rope and tie the pool noodles around the top by threading the noodles on the string and tieing at the corner of the first noodle you put on and the last pool noodle you put on. It will fall down but when you add the ice and the drinks the weight will pull it down but the pool noodles will hold it up!

Step 2: Music........Duhhhh

So every get together thing needs music! Bring out your radio and turn on the radio or just use your music on your phone!

Step 3: Popsicles

Here are a few Popsicle ideas for you:
- just pour some pop into a Popsicle mold and freeze it. Bam instant Popsicle!
-put some sliced up fruit into a Popsicle mold and your drink of your choice(I like lemonade) and freeze it! These are super tasty!
-last but not least, just buy some!

Step 4: Snacks

Every hangout needs awesome snacks! Here are a few ideas:

Worm Bait: get some gummy worms and a pail, put the gummy worms into the pail and tape a plaice paper on the pail that says bait

Colourful drinks: take some drinks (try getting some with cool colours) and a cup, carefully pour in some of the drink with the highest sugar density, then just keep repeating this step by pouring the highest density of sugar first!

Island jello: make some blue jello and pour it into a cup( preferably wine glasses) then mash up some honey Graham's and pour it in the corner to make the sandy beach. Take a mini drink umbrella and stick it in the sand. Then take any candy that is in a circle like peach rings and place it in the water (blue jello) and stick a teddy graham in the ring! Voila, your finished!

Flip Flop Cookies: get some nutter cookies and icing. All you do is draw two lines on the nutter cookies with icing to make the flip flop straps! Voila, it is that simple!

Watermelon is also a great snack for these hot summer days!

Yonanas is also very healthy and yummy!

Also don't forget awesome cups and bowls!

Step 5: Activities

Now for some fun things to do!

Messy twister: wearing old clothes take your twister game out onto the lawn and get some paint. Then just put paint of the same colour on each circle!

Photo booth: hang a plain colour sheet like blue on your fence to make a backdrop. Then grab some props like pool floaties and hats and put them on the side! All you do is set up a camera or use your phone and take pictures with whatever props you want! Now you can even post them on Instagram!

Volleyball: you can play volleyball in your pool or on your lawn! Just buy a cheap net and put it up! Now just grab a pool volleyball from the dollar store and bump your heart out!

Sponge targets: using chalk draw a target on the wall of your house! Now just grab a bucket of water and sponges, now just throw the wet sponges at the target! It will leave water marks where you hit so you know who wins!

Water fight: balloons or guns, enough said.

Swimming: title says it all!

Slip and slide: Tip:soap makes a BIG difference:)

And last but not least, water sprinklers!
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