Sun Basket: Universal Solar Bike Upgrade




Introduction: Sun Basket: Universal Solar Bike Upgrade

Simple, easy steps to upgrade your e-bike to a solar bike. Charges your bike when it parks under the sun, perfect for a commuter bike.

Because we are using a booster MPPT solar charge controller with adjustable output, we can charge all e-bikes with 24V/36V/48V battery pack system.

Step 1: Parts: Total Around $260

Step 2: Assemble the Controller Box

Put the MPPT controller in the weather proof box.

Run input wire and output wire as indicated.

Make sure on the input + is the female MC4, - is the male MC4, because it is receiving power from the solar panel.

Put the 15A fuse on the + side wire to the battery.

Step 3: Mout the Rear Basket to the Bike

We will use the 50w flexible as cover for the rear basket. It is slightly oversized.

Step 4: Setting Up the MPPT Solar Controller

The controller would need to be connect to the solar panel to work. Make sure its output matches your ebike battery charger rating. Overvoltage, Short Circuit, Reverse polarity or Overcurrent can damage your battery. Test and verify with a multi-meter, DO NOT depend on the reading from the controller.

Here is a nice youtube video to get you set up

Step 5: Connect Controller Output to the Battery and Enjoy Your Solar Bike.

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Thanks for sharing , but I am not sure a 50 watt panel will do anything to charge your bike . My bike has 230 watt panel on top of my recumbent and its still a challenge especially in fall with the sun low on the horizon. In order to charge while riding and maintain 15 mph i recommend 350 watt or more . Enjoy !


3 years ago on Introduction

Great work and so simple. I think a diagram would be icing on the cake!


5 years ago

solar panel link' wrong, ???