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Introduction: Sun Jar of Happiness

This was THE first project I ever made, I started in 2009 but didn't get around to finishing it until this year because it was basically cursed haha, I bought a 4 pack of solar lamps, 2 of the solar panels mysteriously cracked, a third had the wires pop out, the 4th worked. The glass frosting spray ran because it was way too cold in my little workshop, and the putty glue unfortunately sticks out quite a bit. But nonetheless, I made it, I'm quite proud of it, and the girl I talk to way too much loves it and I am giving it to her as a present next time I show up in Charlotte! Wish me luck!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    That is really neat. I would love to see the process of how this is made. Your title is catching I might add. It would be a great present for people to buy and give others. I am sure the girl you talk to way to much will love that you gave her the Jar knowing you made it and that she loved it! :) I voted for ya in the I made it contest, good luck!


    I LOVE the positiveness of your idea & title!!!! If I were your girl in Charlotte....I would think it was AWESOME & I would be SO IMPRESSED & THRILLED that yo were giving it to ME!!!!!! (so...if she doesn't like it and isn't impressed by it...I'll take it!!) (oh..not sure which Charlotte you're referring to...but if it's in NC....I'm in Greensboro....) ;-) Good Luck! I hope she likes it!