Introduction: Sun Visor

It's that time of year at least in the northern hemisphere.

So don't throw that cereal box away !!!!!!!!!! Make a cool looking and really COOL sun visor !!!

See photo below - I used junk mail - must be wider than your head and long enough for a visor

The middle piece below is the visor brim

Almost done !! tape and a stapler are helpful and possibly a rubber band

Step 1: Now for the Visor Straps

cut 2 lengths of the same(or similar) material one strip about 1/2 inch wider

fold them in half lengthwise and tape open edges so the thin one slides inside the other

now staple each strap to the ends of the visor brim and tape over the staples to reinforce

slip the smaller strap inside the larger and size

you can staple and/or tape when sized (recommended) or leave it adjustable if wind is not an issue

Step 2: 4 Distinct Styles

1) the add on (adjustable) straps

2) the one piece (the straps and visor are cut from same material and just fastened in back)

3) the rubber band (or elastic attached to visor or strap stubs) one size fits all

4) the bridge strap that creates a closure between a one piece visor with straps that fall short