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I have been to many Super Bowl Parties but I have never hosted one. I wanted to create a plan that is easy to follow and adapt. This plan could be adapted to any sporting event, I think it would make a Super cute gender reveal party. I wanted to create a party that provides an atmosphere that would have guests loving the fare without overdoing it.

The teams playing use strategy, you should too. By planning you can enjoy the game and provide your guests with a great game-party experience. Before you start your party planning answer these questions:

How big is my space?

How many people will be attending?

Do you want to split the party into two spaces?

Do you want to support both teams?

I developed my plan by answering the my questions

How big is my space? I am using our small upstairs family room.

How many people will be attending? Planning for about 12 people

Do you want to split the party into two spaces? Nope

Do you want to support both teams? Since we will be in one room, Both teams

I provide links to my blog for tutorials,

The whole post can be found on my blog: The Willow and Rose

Step 1: The Plan

I divide my plan in two areas


Use team colors, I used my chalkboard menu and a focal point and decor

Using the chalkboard gives your partygoers a guide to what to expect and what is coming

Food & Beverages

I made food and beverages that are team inspired and broke down for each quarter

So now you have planned for what space you are using, how many people are coming

Planning ahead is the key to the host or hostess being able to enjoy the game. Assign a Drink or Bartender to provide beverages during the game. Assign a different person to do the coffees or as the party winds down.

Quarter # 1 (The Opener)
To welcome your game goers to the game room with Table #1: will have ice buckets with beer ready, the team speciality cocktails, and light snacks- See menu

I offered first beverage and let your guests know who is the cocktails bartender.

Quarter # 2 Setup for the appetizers you selected. Drinks move to downstairs setup bar. I will have a cart with Ice water, cups, etc. next to table upstair. Alcohol is served at the bar downstairs. Designated bartender will make cocktails, and monitor beers, discreetly.

Quarter # 3
Setup and serve the main dishes & sides. Toward end of this quarter, announce last call for beer & cocktails.

Quarter #4 Desserts and coffees

Step 2: The Decorations

Our big screen TV hangs on the wall at the top of the stairs so I used command hooks on both sides of the TV. Teams balloons on each side, I used twine at the bottom and made team colored tassels , in the middle there are black and white to divide the sides.

The tassels are easy to make and with a little change can be cheerleader pompons

Around the banister I hung the pompons in bags for people to grab to cheer their teams on

Tutorial for Tassels & Pompons can be found here tassel tutorial. includes supplies needed


If you haven't ever tried it you can jump to

the tutorial chalkboard writing tutorial

I didn't have a chalkboard this big, so I used a picture frame and reasonable blackboard paper

Now let's set the table and get ready for our guests

Step 3: Quarter # 1

Are you ready for some football?

Time to plan the food and beverages, if my recipes look good they can be found in the post Super Bowl 2019

When you are planning divide all the food and beverages by the quarter it will be served

Quarter # 1

Setup before guests arrive

The plan for Q#1 - The openers

Soft drinks, snacks, special cocktails and team beers are ready.

Step 4: 2nd Quarter


Step 5: 3rd Quarter

Main Dishes

Step 6: 4th Quarter

Desserts & Coffees

Step 7: Coffee & Desserts

You have been able to watch the game and you know it is time to serve something sweet, provide some bottle water and coffee. I hope this sparks some ideas for your next event sporting or otherwise.


Step 8: How Did I Get All the Balloons Home?

Very Carefully! I drive a Chevy Cruise-it was a tight fit.

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