Introduction: Enchanted Gnome & Fairy Garden

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What is a gnome anyway? Gnomes have been around at least since the mid 1800's when an English Lord brought 21 of the garden statutes home from Germany. Gnomes are said to bring good luck. These little guys are said to be shy, They are usually male, they wear dark clothing and tall red hats and have beards. If you are needing more about these adorable little guys before you can commit to creating your own enchanted garden check out the website: Just Say Gnomes.

If you are looking for ideas or items to buy I think this site is good: My Fairy Gardens

Historically these little guys only wore dark clothing, But as I started looking around I found it probably depends on where you live as to how you want your gnome to look. I live in Southern California, so I guess gnomes surf here?

Step 1: Enchanting Supplies


Glue gun, tape, ruler, scissors, a garden shovel-or large spoon

Pots for plants and Potting soil

Rocks for the bottom of the pots, decorative stones, and decorative moss (Dollar Tree)

Plants (I bought mine at Walmart Garden Shop)

Gnomes and Fairies and other enchanted folk (I found at 99 cent store, Dollar Store and Hobby Lobby)

Small Gnome tables and chairs, mailboxes, doors into gnome cottages, tiny woodland creatures.

Hobby Lobby has an aisle dedicated to tiny gardens.

Step 2: Three Teared Garden

I had a small space for my garden so I decided on a three teared garden. I bought three different Pots: The bottom one - very large, the middle one was smaller are square and the smallest fits on top of the middle one.

I glued decorative stones to the front of the 2 small pots and hot glued the cottage doors onto the pots, added hot glue along the top and topped with moss. I love the way they look. I wish the doors opened!

Step 3: Filling the Garden

Starting with the largest pot. Place rocks in the bottom for drainage, full and pack down the potting soil. I placed The Middle pot in next and hot glued it to the back of the pot. Added the smallest on top of the middle one and glued into place. Adding the stones took a little time, but it really looked good when I was finished. Then I added soil to both of those pots.

I had bought so many gnomes and garden items I could fit them all in with all the plants.

I wanted it to have a overstuffed look.

Step 4: Add the Plants

I added the plants in last and adjusted everything. It was a fun project to do with my grandson.

Step 5: Don't Overlook the Fairies

You have to look close to see the tiny fairies in the garden.

Step 6: May Your Garden Bring You Much Luck and Joy!

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