Introduction: Super Bright Tinsel Led Lights Garland Decoration

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These tinsel led lights garland decoration offer a extraordinary light show.Easy to make

Step 1: Comparison and What We Need

In first picture we can see the Christmas tree with all the lights off..I let you know that the tinsel garland around the base and the golden one on top are classic tinsel garland with lights. In the second picture the lights are on and you can easy realize the difference between the classic ones and the new one.

We need-a)SMD LED Light Strip Flexible (It could be white, one color or RGB).In this case I have RGB 5050 SMD ,30 LED per meter

-b)DC 12V 24A 288W 44key IR remote controller, control RGB 5050 SMD LED strip

-c)AC 110V-220V to DC 5V 12V 24V switch power supply

-d)silver, white or light grey tinsel garland.These three options offer the best light dispersion.

-e)shiny silver plastic wire (it shouldn't be bare wire to prevent a short circuit),

-f)shiny silver stripe with same width as LED stripe.This could be gift wrapping paper, aluminium insulation heating duct tape foil tape silver

Tools;-a) scissors


Step 2: How to Do It...

First we need a thick dense tinsel garland.If is not thick enough we can braid 2 or 3 of them.Then cut long shiny silver stripes from a tape or a sheet, half inch wide or as much as the width of theLED stripe is. Place the silver stripes on top of the adhesive part of LED stripe. Cut 12 inch long silver wire. Roll the wire twice around the LED stripe and then braid the extremities for two inches or more( depends on the width of tinsel garland). This segment should be equal with tinsel garland radius.The remaining parts of the extremities will be shaped in a U form(see picture 3 and 4 ). Then place the tinsel garland in the U shape wire.The centre of the garland should rich the bottom of the U. Then tied up the extremities and cut what exceed the radius length.In picture 5 I painted the wire in black to make it easier to watch. In picture 6 you can see the difference between point 1 and 2. In point 2 you barely see the extremities.That's the idea everything to blend as much as possible.The distance between two connection points is 5 inch.If we used it in a place with not so many curves the distance between two points can increase. At the end we have a silver stripe suspended above the tinsel garland, really close to it.

Step 3: The Electric Part

I have three tinsel garland. Each 2.5 meters. A total of 7.5 meters times 30 LED/meter=225 LED times 60 milliamps per led=13.5 Amps. Never use a source which equals the consumption (will burn really fast). Use a source with 25-30% higher. In my case I use a 24 Amps controller and a 30 Amps switch power supply that exceed a lot my 13.5 Amps cosumption. I won't describe the electric circuit which is really simple and doesn't bring anything new.

Really interesting would be to use addressable Led strip.That will be an amazing show.For sure a project in the near future.

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