Introduction: Super Comfy Hand Knitted Wool Blanket

Hello! This instructable will tell you how to make a super comfy hand knitted blanket. I made this blanket because I love crafts and making things. Surprisingly, my mom showed me this craft. She showed me a video and I instantly wanted to do it. It is super comfy and warm and it is so easy to make!

Materials- chunky yarn wool (You will need about 8 bunches to make a blanket as big as mine. I got mine from hobby lobby. It's called Yarn Bee) and your two hands

Measurements- 1 bunch of wool = 7 jumbo in weight, 10 oz or 24 yards (need 8 of these rolls)

Step 1: Making the First Line

First, make a loop with your wool. Pull your string of wool though the loop, creating another loop. Only pull enough wool so that you only make another loop instead of pulling all of the wool through.

Step 2:

Keep doing this till you get to the length you want it to be. I went to about 25 loops across. Just so you know, depending on how big you want your blanket, you will have more or less loops.

Step 3: Making the Second Line

When you get it long enough, pull last loop through but angle it up instead of sideways. You will make the loop the same way you have been making it. The only difference is that you angle it up instead of sideways.

Step 4:

Go down the line of loops, pulling the yarn through the top part of the loops. Make sure you only pull the wool through the top part, and don’t pull all of the wool through. Only enough to make another loop.

Step 5:

Continue the process back and forth till you get to the end of the blanket (until you think you only have enough wool to go down the line one more time).

Step 6: Finish the Last Line

At the end, overlap loops and pull yarn through both of them.

Continue to the very end.

Step 7: Tie It Off

Tie off your blanket (make a simple knot)

Congrats! You have finished your blanket.

I hope you enjoy it!