Introduction: Super Easy Clear Adhesive Lamp Shade

This project is super easy, fast and cheap to do. All you need is roll of adhesive tape, like the one you use for packing, and some other stuff you have already at home. You can make it in different sizes and use it as a ceiling hanging lamp, night or as a standing lamp shade.

I did this one with clear tape but you can also experiment with the regular brown tape or colored ones. I found some neon colored translucent tape at my office supplies store, so there are many options for you to try!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need:
  • A roll of wide clear adhesive tape
  • A lamp-holder
  • A light bulb
  • A salad bowl, the size you want your lampshade to be. I recommend you use a metal one because they are resistant and light to work with, but you can also use a wooden one or a glass one.
  • A bit of baby powder. You can use body powder, foot powder or even cornstarch if you don't have the prior ones at home.
  • Scissors
  • Brush
  • Pencil

If you are don't want get baby powder everywhere I recommend you get some newspapers to cover the surface you are working on. Also be aware your clothes will end up covered in powder, but do not worry, it can be easily washed off.

Step 2: Prepare the Surface

Sprinkle some body powder on the outer part of the salad bowl and use your hand to spread it out all over the surface. Make sure the bowl is fully covered, don't spare and use as much powder as you need.

By the way, remember to spread out some newspapers so you do not make a mess. I worked on the garden's table so I skipped that step ;)

Step 3: Cover With Tape

Cover the outer part of the bowl with pieces of tape. Go on all directions, add tons of layers and do not worry about the tape getting wrinkles, these will add texture to the lamp, making it look awesome.

I use a whole roll of tape for one lampshade. Adding layers to the bowl makes our shade thick and this thickness provides structure so the shade keeps it's half-sphere shape.

Step 4: Make Sure the Tape Is Securely Adhered

Once you finished adding all the tape to your bowl, use the back of your scissors to press against the bowl while rubbing it to make sure all layers of tape are tightly pressed together.

Step 5: Cut Out the Excess

Use your scissors to get rid of the excess tape that surpasses the borders of the bowl. Cut as close to the bowl's border as possible.

Step 6: Remove the Shade From the Bowl

Using your fingers try rolling the borders of the tape layers away from the bowl.

You will need to do this little by little going all around the bowl. Do not try to do it all once from only one direction.

Continue rolling the borders until you completely remove the shade from the bowl.

It is important to fully cover your bowl with powder before starting with the tape, if you do not do so the tape will adhere to the surface and this step will be super hard to do.

Once you fully release the shade from the bowl use your hands to re-shape the shade, making sure the sticky part of the tape layer is in the concave side (inside) of the shade.

Step 7: Powder the Shade

Once you have the sticky side in, sprinkle some powder into the shade and use a brush to distribute it all over the surface. Discard the excess powder that does not stick to the tape.

The powder will help making the lampshade translucent, while providing a thin layer of protection against the tape sticking to everything.

Step 8: Define the Border of the Shade

Use your scissors to cut the edge of you shade.

Here I decided to keep it in a minimalist, clean, straight line but you can decide to do a decorative border by cutting out a scalloped edge or go for a zig-zag style.

Step 9: Add the Lamp Holder

Prepare your lamp shade to hold the lamp holder. Use your pencil to mark where you need to make a hole to get your cable through.

Now place the lamp holder following the directions needed and screw the light bulb in... And you are done!

Step 10: Use Your Amazing New Lamp Shade!

I love how the wrinkles on the tape gives texture to the lamp shade both, when turned off as well as on.

As mention earlier you can use this shade as a desk, night stand, ceiling or standing lamp. Try making a set of lamp shades, with different sizes of salad bowls and use them to decorate your home in a coordinated way.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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