Introduction: Super Easy Custom Rubber Stamps

These little rubber stamps are super easy to make, cost about $1 and will last forever. They can be use for card making, stationary, art, mold making, whatever you can think of.

Go to your local dollar store or office store and Buy a package of rectangle erasers for $1
I like to buy the multi color package just for the fun of having different colored stamps.

What you will need:
Package of erasers (rectangles give you the most surface space but other shapes will work too)
1 Hobby knife
Linoleum carving blades (optional)
Ballpoint pen
Piece of paper
Stamp pad

Step 1: Draw Out Your Design

Trace the shape of the eraser on to the piece of paper.
Now you know how big your stamp can be. Draw a little design.
Go over your design with the pencil until the drawing is nice and dark.

Step 2: Transfer Your Design to the Eraser

Now flip the paper over so you see the back line the design up on top of the eraser.  Trace your drawing with the ball point pen. (the pen is important because you want to transfer the graphite from your drawing to the eraser without hurting the surface of the rubber, if you don't have a ball point pen something else with a rounded tip will work)

Now you have a transferred picture of your design on the eraser. It should look backwards from the way you drew it. This is good because a stamp should always look backwards in the rubber for it to turn out right when you stamp it.

Step 3: Carve Out the White

Now that you have your design on your eraser you need to decide what parts of your stamp you want to be in ink and what parts you want to be paper. As you carve away the rubber keep in mind that anything you carve away will be paper and any eraser left will be ink.

The easiest way is to carve out the lines of your design, its much harder to carve out the background and leave the lines in ink. But just so you can see the difference I have done both for you to see.

Very carefully and in small amounts carve away the rubber.

Step 4: Stamp It Up

I always make a few test stamps as I go to make sure that my stamp is looking the way I wanted it to. After all its easy to carve off more rubber but impossible to put it back.

But now that you have your stamp, stamp it up.