Introduction: Super Glue Necklace

I made a necklace using these empty super glue containers that I have collected from my previous projects. It's really fashionable, yet c heap and easy to make. 

What I used:
several empty super glue containers (make sure they are empty)
3x6 rubber sheet or any thick cloth (or leather)
old chain necklace
needle and thread

1. cut a croissant shape from your rubber sheet. or any shape you want the main part of your necklace shaped like.
2. sew the empty super glue containers one after another to the rubber sheet, starting from the bottom. the glue containers are so soft and can easily be holed with needle. layer them to your rubber sheet, and attach by sewing them to the rubber sheet, one at a time.
3. attached the chain on each side. and you are done!