Introduction: Super Mario Fire Flower

Make a beaded Super Mario inspired fire flower power-up in a terracotta pot.
The plant (together with the pot) is about 13.5 cm tall.

Warning: Might give you the ability to throw bouncing fireballs.

Materials needed:

  • Plastic beads (e.g. Hama, Perler)
  • Peg board (square)
  • Small flower pot
  • Floral foam
  • Clothing iron
  • Parchment / baking paper
  • Utility knife

Step 1: Design the Flower

Sort your plastic beads by color (I bought a mixed pack of 1000 Hama 'midi' 5mm ones).

I used black, red, yellow and white as well as dark and light green for the design, but other colors might also look nice.

Be sure to add a base (the striped part) to the flower. This part can be made from any leftover colors as it will be hidden inside the pot.

Step 2: Ironing

Cut a piece of baking paper to put on top of the design when ironing, to prevent the beads from sticking to the iron.

Iron the beads (if you have a 'steam' setting, turn it off) until they have fused. Check under the baking paper every few seconds; stop when all the beads are well connected to each other.

Let the design cool off, then peel it carefully off the pegboard.

Turn the flower around and the check out the bead 'pixels'.

Step 3: Pot the Flower

Cut a piece of the floral foam, slightly smaller than the pot. I used a terracotta pot 7cm in diameter at the top.

Shape the foam (using a utility knife) to fit snugly into the pot. I left about 7mm on top to allow room for the 'earth' around the flower.

Press the flower base into the foam to make a print, indicating how large the slit for the flower needs to be, then cut out that piece. This does not need to be perfect; after you have removed a bit of material, simply push the flower into the foam. Make sure the flower is straight.

I used some wedges (from the leftover foam) to secure everything in place.

Step 4: Add the Earth

I used some of the unused colored beads as 'earth' in the pot. Simply add them on top of the foam.

Black and brown beads, rocks or sand might also be an alternative.

There you have a Super Mario fire flower! Enjoy!