Introduction: Super Mario Screenshot Afghan

Just like a ton of other people, I am a huge video game fan...and when I bought my first home a couple years ago I knew that I planned on having at least one room's decor entirely devoted to video games. Well, that one room quickly turned into an entire basement dedicated to retro gaming!

Retro game sprites translate to most craft projects very easily because they can be counted out pixel by pixel, which is also the basis for many crafting mediums. This blanket was no different...which made it much simpler than everyone thinks!

The whole thing is done using single crochet, so that is the only stitch you need to know how to do in order to make this afghan.

Step 1: Materials Needed:

The materials needed for this project are as follows:

-- Size J Crochet Hook
-- Scissors

I used Red Heart brand yarn in the following colors, but any brand of worsted weight yarn should do:

-- Parakeet Blue  (sky background)
-- Olympic Blue  (Mario's overalls)
-- Jockey Red  (Mario's shirt)
-- Light Peach  (Mario's skin/ground)
-- Emerald Green  (grass/turtle shell)
-- Silver Grey  (cloud accent)
-- Tangerine  (question block)
-- Honey Gold  (inside of question black/turtle accents)
-- Claret Brown  (ground/bricks/goomba)
-- White
-- Black

Step 2: Pattern Instructions:

In the follow steps I'll be including a pattern in the form of a grid lined picture.

For this project, I think the illustrated pattern is much easier to follow than a written out one -- the picture makes a good reference for stitch counts in case you get lost, and it also make it very clear as to where exactly the yarn color changes occur -- however, the pattern is very large and needed to be broken into several files to allow the grid to be large and visible.

Each square on the grid represents 1 single crochet stitch.

Step 3: Pattern Part 1:

Step 4: Pattern Part 2:

Step 5: Pattern Part 3:

Step 6: Pattern Part 4:

Step 7: Pattern Part 5:

Step 8: Pattern Part 6:

Step 9: Pattern Part 7:

Step 10: Pattern Part 8:

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