Introduction: Super Melty Cheese Puffs

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Hello Instructables!

In this instuctable I am going to share one of my favourite snacks. They are super simple to make, incredibly yummy and the longest part of the process is the baking time (depending on how many you are making)

Super Melty Cheese Puffs!

Lets get started......



Laughing cow or similar cheese triangles (I imagine this could also work with Baby bel).

Puff pastry.

An egg.


I like to put a bit of dry rub BBQ seasoning on top.


Baking tray

Baking paper/grease proof paper (most pre-rolled pastry comes on some)

Knife and fork

Something to beat an egg in.

Oven (not pictured)

Optional but not necessary

Pizza cutter (makes it a bit easier to cut the pastry)

Basting brush (makes it easier to apply the egg was

Step 1: Prepping the Pastry

Most pastries will want to sit of some time at room temp before you use it, check the box for this.


Unroll your pastry on some baking paper if it doesn't already come on some and lay your unwrapped cheese triangles alternating in direction along one edge of the pastry leaving about 1.5 cm between each triangle and from the outer edge.

Use your for to beat your egg in the cup and then apply it around each of the triangles. Use your finger if you dont have a brush.

Fold the remaining pastry over the cheese leaving about 1.5 cm from the inner edge of your triangles.

Trim off the excess (you can use this to make some more:) )

Step 2: Sealing

Using the handle of your knife or fork press down gently between each triangle and along the outer edge.

Cut in between each triangle.

Step 3: Crimping and Basting

You might want to start preheating your oven now to the recommended temperature on the puff pastry cooking instructions : )

Using the prongs of your for crimp the edges of each triangle being sure not to leave any gaps (we want to keep the melty cheese inside)

You can trim the edges down if you want them to look a bit neater.

Transfer your pastries and baking paper onto the baking tray and then give them a light basting with the egg mix.

Additionally you can add a bit of seasoning or replace the egg wash with honey mustard.

Once your oven is hot enough pop them in and bake them for the recommended time.

Step 4: Done!

WARNING!!! Give your cheese puffs time to cool a bit before attempting to eat them as they are now filled with MOLTEN CHEESE (trust me though, it will be worth the wait ;)

and that's it.

As always I hope you enjoyed this instructable and as always, thoughts, comments and suggestions for alternative toppings are welcome in the comments section below. I normally say photos but if they last long enogh for you to take a picture i will be incredibly surprised :)

Happy munching!

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