Introduction: Super Stilts

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Ever had the desire to be really tall? or be able to dunk a basketball? or to see what the world looks like if you were tall? Well for all you short people here's the answer! All you gotta do is build the stilts, practice walking around awhile, painfully fall a few times, whack your head on doorways and light fixtures a couple times, and voila you are tall! It's about time you started rockin' the neighborhood in your very own pair of super stilts.

Step 1: What You'll Need

1. Wood
2. Drill
3. Screws
4. Two old belts
5. No Fear of Heights

That's all..............what are you waiting for keep goin!

Step 2: Find the Legs

First thing your gonna need to do is find two 2x4s the same length for the legs. I made mine 2' 2". The higher you go the bigger base your going to need.

Step 3: Cut Base Plates

Now find some good plywood and cut it into a rectangle. Mine is 11" by about 6" but if your making your stilts any taller than 2' you'll need bigger base plates than that.

Step 4: Cut Triangles

Now cut out four triangles, all the same size, out of a square board. These will be used later on for support.

Step 5: Cut the Foot Plates

Now cut out two pieces for your foot to stand on. To get the length, make it as long as your foot is and cut two the same size.

Step 6: Screw the Base Plate On

Screw the base plate onto the leg. Make sure the leg is in the center of the base plate and not shifted to one side. Do this to both stilts.

Step 7: Screw the Supports On

Now take the triangle supports and screw them onto the sides of the leg to give it extra support.

Step 8: Screw the Foot Plates On

Now center the foot plates on the stilts and screw them in.

Step 9: Cut Up the Old Belts

Now cut the old belts. Cut them both the same. For the first cut slide down the belt about 3 inches from the buckle and cut. For the second cut slide about three inches down from the last hole and cut.

Step 10: Attach the Belts

Attach the belts. Screw the buckle side on one half of the stilts, and on the other half screw the attaching end. Do this to both stilts. Next attach the heel strap, this keeps your foot from slipping out. Use the excess belt that hasn't yet been used. Put your foot on the stilt and tighten down the belt to however tight you'd like, then wrap the heel strap around your heel and staple or screw it in place.

Step 11: Cut and Screw

Cut out six 8" x 2.5" boards and screw them onto the front, back. and sides of both stilts. Then cut out six blocks to make the support boards the same level as the base plate. You don't need them on the inside sides of the stilts because that isn't one of the ways you would fall. Slide a block underneath the support board and screw it in.

Step 12: Enjoy!

Your done now, enjoy your stilts and try not to get hurt.

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