Introduction: Superman Stamp (Omaha Makers Group, Sugru Night)

This instructable documents how I made a superman "S" using 3D printing and sugru self setting rubber.

You will need:

3D printer
Modeling Clay

Step 1: Step 1 3D Print a Superman S

Use whatever type of 3D printer you have to create a 3D superman S from a .stl file.

Step 2: Step 2, Make a Clay Molding.

First, reverse the symbol so that you are seeing a "Backward" S.   Take the clay and roll it into a ball.  Smash the ball surrounding the S, and when you lift it from the table, you should see a normal appearing superman S.  Carefully remove the 3D printed S from the clay.  Put the clay into the freezer for about 10 minutes to make it Firm.

Step 3: Step 3, Cast the Rubber Stamp

Now open the Sugru package, remove the rubber and roll into a ball.  (you may want to spray mold release into the clay, I chose not to)  Press the rubber ball into the cold, frozen clay.  Use some sort of cardboard or plastic backing to press with.   Fold the sugru around the backing piece to give the stamp rigidity.  Allow to sit overnight so that the Sugru sets up.

Step 4: Step 4, Demold the Rubber Stamp

After waiting a period of time, (I waited 24 hours) peel the rubber stamp out of the clay.  Use a razor blade to trim off any uneven parts or to remove clay that sticks to the impression.   You have completed your push molded rubber stamp.   Now you simply get ink and a stamp pad and stamp away!  

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