Introduction: Supreme Nachos

Make a small batch or a large one, great for snacking, great for hanging out.


- Tostitos Chips
- Ground Beef (Optional)
- Cilantro
- Avocado (Optional and not shown here)
- 1 Tomato
- Shredded Cheese (2 Bags)(Cheddar Recommended)
- Red Onion
- Jalapeños
- Lime or Lime Juice

Step 1: Getting Started

Lay the Tostitos nachos out on a baking tray.

Step 2: Add Cheese/ Bake

Add the cheese on top of the nacho stack.

Step 3: Cook the Beef and Add Onion Midway.

Cook the beef till it is mildly dry then add onion. Cook till dry.

Add to nacho stack.

Step 4: Prepare Veggies

Dice onions and tomatos and add to nacho stack.

Then add jalapeños if preferred.

Step 5: Finishing Up

Add lime and cilantro to top it off.

Step 6: End Result.

There’s a simple recipe to decent nachos.