Homemade Photo Light Bar - Trash to Treasure




Introduction: Homemade Photo Light Bar - Trash to Treasure

This is quite a simple but time consuming process. 2 of 2 projects for my Trash to Treasure.

- I cleaned the metal pole then began wrapping the LED strip


- Rod - Metal or PVC 1/2 in. diameter or much preferred; no length required

- RGB LED strip 16ft preferred but shorter works perfectly fine - Mobile controlled or remote controlled

- Scotch Tape/ Box Tape

- Painter's Tape/ Masking Tape

- Power source (Portable Battery Preferred)

Step 1: Wrapping Up Real Quick

- After wrapping it as depicted until the strip runs out, secure it down even if it has 3M

- Use packing tape or scotch tape to act as a protective lining

- Use the masking tape or painter's tape to make a comfortable handle to hold

Step 2: End Product (But Were Not Done Yet..)

The light bar should look somewhat like this. It's a very simple but easy project. Make sure you don't use it in the raining if you used an LED strip that is not water resistance/ water proof.

- Hook it up with a power source and go have fun

Step 3: The Photos

Enjoy these as you please.

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    Question 2 years ago on Step 2

    You did not mention how much power was needed, how many volts for the battery :-)


    Answer 2 years ago

    Honestly, I'm sure any portable battery works but then again I was using a sub <3200mah portable battery that could barely hold it but it was tiny so that's why I used it. There's no real requirement as long as you have a decently reliable power source.


    Reply 2 years ago

    That's still not telling me how many volts but thanks, I'll figure it out. Seeing that 300mah is 3.2 amps you can figure the voltage by seeing how many watts the lights are :-)