Introduction: Homemade Photo Light Bar - Trash to Treasure

This is quite a simple but time consuming process. 2 of 2 projects for my Trash to Treasure.

- I cleaned the metal pole then began wrapping the LED strip


- Rod - Metal or PVC 1/2 in. diameter or much preferred; no length required

- RGB LED strip 16ft preferred but shorter works perfectly fine - Mobile controlled or remote controlled

- Scotch Tape/ Box Tape

- Painter's Tape/ Masking Tape

- Power source (Portable Battery Preferred)

Step 1: Wrapping Up Real Quick

- After wrapping it as depicted until the strip runs out, secure it down even if it has 3M

- Use packing tape or scotch tape to act as a protective lining

- Use the masking tape or painter's tape to make a comfortable handle to hold

Step 2: End Product (But Were Not Done Yet..)

The light bar should look somewhat like this. It's a very simple but easy project. Make sure you don't use it in the raining if you used an LED strip that is not water resistance/ water proof.

- Hook it up with a power source and go have fun

Step 3: The Photos

Enjoy these as you please.