Introduction: Surfboard Racks

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If you need more space for your quiver, and have only a couple dollars to burn, then this is one good way to both organize AND display your quiver (and handyman skills)!

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need...

Shelf brackets (2 per surfboard)
Dowels (2 per surfboard)
2x4 wood beam
Wood screws
Foam insulation

I won't be mentioning the tools you'll need; cos if you've searched for this Instructable, then you already know what to use and how:)

Step 2: First Things First...

I cut my 9' 2x4 beam in half. These beams will act as the base/backing from which the shelf brackets will mount.

Now, you have 2, 4'5" backings.

Space out your shelf brackets (from top to the next one beneath it, and so forth). Leave enough space to allow for your surfboard fins (or, just remove them if you need the brackets butt-up closer to each other). Mine are 12" apart.

Now screw on the brackets (use any wood screws that fit; mind the screws --you want your boards to be secure and not fall from a failed screw or stripped base!).
Always consider the quality of your project:)

Step 3: Place the Dowels

Place the dowels on the shelving.

My dowels are made of 1" poplar and measure 48" long. Use whatever type of wood dowel you like...

Cut the dowels in half. I've got a total of 8, 24" dowels. I secure the middle of the dowel w a wooden set screw, and tied down the end of the dowel (the end closer to the wall) with a piece of wire. The wire secures the dowel base and prevents it from lifting from the shelf bracket while it holds/carries a board. It goes without say: If you have heavy boards, you might want to use a heavier gauge of wire and/or thicker dowels...

Step 4: Assess the Fitment/Security

Tighten any loose screws and twist tighter any wires that yield any movement for the dowels.

Step 5: Check Your Work

Your racks should look like the pic, now.

Step 6: Insulate!

Trim your foam insulation (the size should match your dowels!) to fit the length of your rack dowels.

Trim the bottom to allow for the shelf bracket fitment... Refer to the pic!

Step 7: Done!

Once your racks are insulated, dress the ends of the dowels by painting them whatever color you like. You can even paint or stain the wooden base:)

Now, all that's left to do is:

Find your wall studs
Mount the racks onto your wall
Store your boards!

Step 8: Reflections...

This was easy to build and took about 1 hour of my evening. Putting he parts together from my shopping list took about 30min cos I knew where (in Ikea) to get the brackets, and where (from the Home Depot) to get the dowels, 2x4, and insulation.

I made the racks as they look, so I can add decorative and functional hooks in the bottom end. I'll be using them to hang dry any wetsuits or towels; I can even hang a storage bag that holds my fins (and fin key) and even any surfboard wax and leashes! :)

This rack system was also designed to be of a certain height away from the ground. I wanted the boards high enough to be out of the way, and low enough so as not to need too high of a ladder to store or take down the boards.

As always, I made this on a budget!
$4.00 9 feet long 2x4
$4.00 brackets (x8 is $32.00)
$1.50 dowels (x4 is $12.00)
$2.00 insulation (x3 is $6.00)

I spent about $60.00 on this project. Screws? I had them already in my garage!

Thank you for visiting my project, maintain and enjoy your boards, respect the ocean, and have fun surfing!